The Mason Cash Mixing Bowls are  ade from chip resistant earthenware, the bowl counters the tendency to move during manual mixing, and the white interior makes it easy to see the color and consistency of the mixture. The S9 bowls are heavy enough to counter the tendency to move during manual mixing.


S24:  Perfect for pastry mixes.L 9.45 in x W 9.45 in x H 4.33 in

S12:  Perfect for bread, cake, cookie and pastry mixes. L 11.42 in x W 11.42 in x H 5.51 in

S9: Perfect for batches of bread, cookie, pastry, batter and pudding mixtures. L 12.60 in x W 12.60 in x H 5.91 in


Care & Use

Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe

Cane Mixing Bowls


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