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Item of the Week: Featuring Zyliss Twist & Seal Containers from DKB

Having trouble tracking down inventory these days? We've got you covered! Each week we showcase an item that is in-stock and available!

The Zyliss Twist & Seal containers are the perfect modular storage solution for your kitchen and around your home.

In stock and ready to ship, these innovative containers are an amazing storage solution!

With a simple twist to lock action, the silicone edge on the lid provides an airtight seal that keeps moisture out and locks freshness in.

Pictured here is the 5 piece set, E981061U, $49.99 retail. Each piece is also available individually in open stock! 10.99-49.99 retail.

The Twist & Seal containers are versatile, come in a variety of sizes and stack neatly and safely to help you maximize storage space in your kitchen and around your home. Perfect for storing dry goods like rice, pasta, or coffee, as well as other everyday household items.

Ask your Rep for details and check out all of DKB's offerings in their 2020 Catalog.

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