Comfort food

It's difficult to take part in social Holiday festivities, such as St. Patrick's Day, but it doesn't mean you can't treat yourself and your family to a hot traditional Irish meal. Sometimes its a nostalgic meal that brings you some peace and comfort during a stressful, uncertain time. And there is nothing like corned beef and cabbage to make your soul feel better.

Our amazing Cindy Serrao was able to make an intimate St. Paddy's Day special despite having to maintain social distancing with the help of some of her favorite pieces by Le Creuset.

Cindy absolutely loves her Architec Concave Cutting Board. It has a concave cutting surface that makes carving juicy meats easy. It keeps her counters clean and drip free!

A reliable and versatile pair of tongs are helpful with carving too. New Metro's Mobi double sided tongs have a silicone side to protect your cookware, while the serrated side holds firmly to culinary delights.

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