Artisan glass, generations in the making.

La Rochere has been continuously producing artisanal glass in France for over 500 years. Their designers take inspiration from the company’s historic archives, which lends a classic charm to your table.

We absolutely love their Bistrot Absinth glass. Inspired by French cuisine, culture, art, and style, this is the perfect vessel to serve absinthe in the traditional fashion.

It's also a great glass for water and juice, we've even made some epic bloody mary's in them.

Check out more of La Rochere's beautiful glassware at

For the perfect glass of absinthe you’ll need:

La Rochere Bistrot Absinth glass

An absinthe spoon

1 oz. Absinthe

5 oz. cold water

1 sugar cube


Place a slotted absinthe spoon across the lip of the glass with a sugar cube on top. Pour absinthe over the sugar cube into your glass, filling up to the bottom level. Then very slowly pour cold water over the spirit saturated sugar cube, allowing it to mostly dissolve. You’ll notice the spirit change into an opalescent pale green. Once the sugar is broken up, stir it in with the absinthe spoon and enjoy. May the Green Fairy bring you inspiration!

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