Game of Thrones Series Finale Food

Last Sunday Game of Thrones came to an end with a new King of Westeros and a slightly more progressive king-making system. We made sure our final viewing party and potluck would be fit for a kingly coronation no matter the king. We pulled out all of the stops with decorating, costumes, and the best food spread yet.

Season 8 Episode 6

For the series finale I knew I had to do dragon eggs again. So much of Game of Thrones has been about those dragons. I thought about making the deviled eggs one more time. Always a crowdpleaser. But I couldn't bring myself to do a repeat food item for the last new episode of Game of Thrones ever. So, I channeled my inner Pinterest person and created a cheese ball shaped and decorated like a dragon egg. It was pretty simple and in case you ever need to do it this is how. First you make a cheese-ball and shape it like an egg and put it in the fridge to chill. Then you take sliced almonds and layer them around the cheese egg like dragon scales. Finally, you paint over them all with some food coloring and a little water and you pray you didn't just make a Pinterest fail.

The kingly spread was completed with a charcuterie spread, funeral potatoes, baked Highgarden cheese, Dornish tacos, Wildling mushroom tart, and a specifically requested encore performance of Euron Greyjoy's favorite rum cake.

For dessert this week's Hodor's Hodor was our version of a king cake with a tiny iron throne inside. The colors of black, white, and red were done in honor of the Stark and Targaryen sigils - the two houses vying for the throne.

(mug for scale)

It has been fun sharing our food and enthusiasm for Game of Thrones here. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with my Sundays now. Hopefully, we can find a new show that we can potluck around and share with you.

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