Game of Thrones Food Episodes 4 & 5

Season 8 Episode 4

We survived the Battle of Winterfell (The Long Night) better off then we thought we would (most of our favorite people survived) and were ready to celebrate the living after episode 3. We knew going into episode 4 two things to be true: we would be heading south toward King's Landing and it was going to air on Cinco de Mayo.

With that in mind we decided to celebrate leaving the cold of the north and defeating the undead with a Cinco de Mayo themed food spread. There was South of the Wall Queso as well as another delicious Hodor's Hodor (pork tacos this week).

Drinks stayed on theme by being hibiscus margaritas. The blood red color really keeps with the tone of this season and being a margarita really adds to the celebratory nature of this episode (at least the first half) and the Cinco de Mayo theme. I think I even saw a Starbucks cup floating among the spread.

Desert was a Crown for a King flan. I also realized two things this week: One being that my largest plate at home is a paper plate and two that we should probably pick up a serving platter from Harold Import Company.

Season 8 Episode 5

Going into Episode 5 (The Bells) we were all a little shook. Our happy party episode had been a little more traumatizing than we had anticipated and we knew that episode 5 was going to be another intense battle sequence. There seemed to be an unspoken decision that comfort food was what was needed. There were lots of delicious carbs on hand to help get us through. We had Hot Pie's Hot Pies, a Bravosi salad, Game of Shrooms, and lots of deliciousness that I couldn't come up with clever names for including home made gooey brownies, a rum cake, and mac and cheese. If you have any good Game of Thrones names for these please let me know!

Drinks were back to our standard royal looking red wines. It doesn't seem like they drink any white on Game of Thrones. Or is that just me?

Every week the group of people who gather with us to watch the show has grown. We not only have the die hard Bulkley people and our fantasy league but friends (and the occasional stranger) have joined in. They have all gotten in on the potluck and I can't wait to see what will show up for the final episode when we learn if dragons is what it takes to win and keep the iron throne.

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