Game of Thrones Episode 3 Battle Food

We knew two things going into Sunday's episode: It was going to be long and it was going to have an epic battle with the fate of all of the living in Westeros hanging in the balance. How do you prepare for that? More importantly, what do you eat? What do you drink?

Thinking through food consumed in Game of Thrones episodes (and lists by Buzzfeed and Thrillist) I decided I wanted to do something with Dothraki and hearts. Because if anything truly made Daenerys into the bad ass queen that she is it was definitely eating that horse heart. So, I roasted quartered artichoke hearts with olive oil and garlic and dyed them red to try to make them a little more organ like. I think next time the whole heart, vs quartered, might be better.

Since Arya once hawked oysters, cockles, and clams on the streets of Bravos we had a couple go to the Olympic Peninsula Sunday morning to get some fresh oysters (and clams) and then they coated and cooked them and brought them to the battle. (Honestly them going to the Peninsula and Arya's days of wheeling mollusks through the streets are most likely unrelated but it sounds cool)

We also had Hodor's Hodor which this week meant Hordoritos and dip. Who knows what it will be next week! Vary's (meat)balls and more!

Most importantly we drink wine while watching Game of Thrones (only Tyrion approved vintages) and we always use a chalice. When picking your wine for Game of Thrones we recommend Game of Thrones wine or anything with a name or label that fits the theme. We even provide chalices for those not cool enough to have their own.

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