Game of Thrones Food Episodes 1 & 2

A few of us in the Bulkley Associates office are very into Game of Thrones. We've eagerly awaited the start of season 8 and are trying to savor every minute from the epic side eye between Sansa and Daenerys to the impending battle between the White Walkers and most of the living.

We even have a fantasy league where we win points based on events in each episode of the season and at the end one of us will be crowned King (or Queen) of Westeros and claim our own Iron Throne.

Each week we gather and bring dishes inspired (loosely) by the show. So, we thought it would be fun to share with you what we do each week that's Game of Thrones themed. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. If you are a fan of the show let us know what you eat when you watch the show.

Season 8 Episode 1

For the season premiere I brought my go to potluck item: Bacon Deviled Eggs. This recipe came about for my first Thanksgiving with Bulkley. I needed to bring something to a party of food people (and I am not a foodie) so I looked for something that had bacon in it and didn't seem overly complicated based on the fact that bacon makes everything better. Since then these eggs are always requested at Bulkley events... because bacon.

Deviled Dragons Eggs

For Game of Thrones though I made them dragon eggs by crackling and dying them. Once you are done hard boiling your eggs all you do is allow them to cool, roll them on the counter to crackle the shell, and then let them sit in water mixed with food coloring in the fridge for a few hours. Voila Westeros approved deviled dragon eggs.

Season 8 Episode 2

For the second episode, which also fell on Easter, I knew I was going to be bopping around from a busy weekend and decided to phone it in on the food a bit by making a charcuterie board. So to keep inline with Game of Thrones I renamed the items on the tray with more Westerosi appropriate labels including, Dragon's Milk Cheese, Shadowcat Salami, and Olenna's Favorite Highgarden Soft Cheese.

Viola a platter of delectable snacks to be found at any soiree from King's Landing to Hardhome. This is an easy way to make anything on theme for whatever you are doing. In addition we had some delicious Seven Kingdom Layer Dip and Red Wedding Beans and Rice and a beautiful Lemon cake (which is a noted Sansa Stark favorite). I was much more interested in getting the a/v components working this day than in taking pictures of the food so I wasn't able to capture it all.

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