As I gear up for another camping trip this summer I thought I would share with you what we here at Bulkley love to take with us when we head out into the great outdoors. These are the items that make the cooking and clean up awesome and easy when outside the kitchen.

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Elizabeth Karmel's Skillet Grilling Basket from Harold Imports can be used directly on the grill to make sure nothing falls through the grill grate. Large enough to cook multiple servings the Grilling Basket is perfect for grilling all types of food. The folding handle makes it easy to pack.

Skewers are great for throwing food on the grill and s'mores (if you get the long ones).

Breakfast & Storage

Smelly Proof bags are great for camping because they store all your food safely in durable smell proof bags AND you can cook in them. They are great for making camp omelets or oatmeal right in the bag.

Beverages & Coffee

The BrewStick is great for making a single cup of coffee around the fire or use a percolator to make coffee for the group.

THAT! Invention's Therma Ministor is a great coffee, soup, anything liquid mug. Easy to clean and keeps beverages at the optimum temperature.

Wine2Go not only holds a full bottle of wine but also a full bottle of liquor. Its easy to decant your beverage of choice into one before heading out to minimize the potential for glass breakage and to lessen weight while relaxing in the woods.


Harold Import's Ice Cream Ball is a fun, simple, and active way to get dessert in the great outdoors. Sure ice cream might not keep well in the cooler but cream will. Just a handful of ingredients, ice, and salt and 20 minutes of passing the ball around the campsite and viola yummy dessert. Perfect to pair with campfire s'mores.

Clean Up

The Collapsible Bucket lives in my car ready for campside cleaning, as a portable beer cooler and more. Pair it with a Jetz Scrubz brush for a camping dish cleaning station.


The more multi tool a tool is the better when it comes to camp tools. But you should always have a sturdy can opener like the EZ-Duz-It and a good knife like any of the Zyliss knives with their covers and durability.

These are just a few of the items we take with us camping regularly. We'd love to hear what you can't live without when camping.

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