Healthy Living 101: Hydration

Tis the Season... for resolutions. As this year draws to a close and we all turn our attention to 2018 we will once again make commitments to ourselves to eat better, exercise more, and be better humans. We, at Bulkley Associates, have put together a few lists of Healthy Living items that we believe you should have in your stores to prepare for the 2018 resolution rush.

Our first list is all about Hydration.

One of the key components of good health is hydration and we have compiled some must have items.


Water is the backbone of hydration. Drinking lots of water is important, but we all know that it can be challenging. The Primula line from Harold Import Company offers a lot of hydration options that help make it easier to drink your water by adding flavor and making it easy to take water with you wherever you go.

La Rochere glasses and pitchers make drinking water at the dinner table a cinch. Made in France, this glassware line, which includes their bestselling Napoleon Bee collection makes drinking water beautiful with dishwasher safe glasses, pitchers, and more to enhance the hydration experience.

La Rochere Bee Tumbler


Cold Brew coffee is a growing trend. People love the flavor of cold brew and the fact that it is 67% less acidic than normal coffee makes it better for your teeth and stomach. Harold, Cuisinart, and more offer great cold brew options with counter top and on the go versions available.

TheWand by PureWine


Wine! Wine is good for you (in moderation) and even better for you after you've removed the histamines and sulfites with TheWand from PureWine. TheWand alleviates headaches and congestion caused by the sulfite preservatives and histamines in wine.

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