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Pie Season is Here


The leaves are falling, the temperature has dropped, and the nights have gotten long. It can only mean one thing- it's time for pie. Lots and lots of pie. The wonderful folks over at Fine Cooking even put together a handy list of those must have pie tools. Recently, Ursula made a beautiful and delicious apple pie here in the show room and these were some of the items she used.

Ursula's Pie Tools

Taliman's Adjustable Pie Shield

Talisman's Adjustable Pie Shield keeps your crust shaded so it doesn't burn.

Mason Cash's Mixing Bowl in Cane is Ursula's all time favorite bowl.

Zyliss Control Paring Knife

The Zyliss Control Paring Knife made slicing the apples a breeze.

We all have one of these in our kitchens.

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

A Totally Bamboo Cutting Board was used for those apples too

Architec TSP Measuring Cup

Architec's Totally Sweet Products Ceramic Measuring Cups made sure Urs doled out the right portions of sweet stuff for the pie

Harold Import Company Pie Plate

The pie was baked in Harold Import's Roses Pie Plate

Mmm... Pie...

Recipe by Betty Crocker

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